NtpServer equals local and secure TimeServer

Timeservers, often referred to as Time NtpServers (named as the Network Time Protocol), which are used to synchronise and distribute time, are an increasingly important part of any computer network. The NtpServer receives a timing signal from a time accurate source (atomic clock, gps satellites) and then distributes it to all machines on the network synchronised to this TimeServer.

However, despite the increasing importance of these time synchronisation devices, many network administrators still fail to accurately synchronise their networks and can leave their entire computer system vulnerable. While internet is a great source of information, its insecurity proves, that time critical operations should be synchronised to a TimeServer, which is secure and stable (such as rack ntpserver from gps ntp)

NtpServer is a crucial part of your network

Security of NtpServer

NtpServer uses external time source, which doesn't rely on any network port, which should be enabled in firewall by an administrator (external time source is a GPS satellite network, which is very precise and accurate). Accuracy of your network's server system clock is a very crucial part, as incostistency in timestamps of applicatoins can cause security malfunction and holes for malicius users

Legal Protection

GPS NtpServers provide your network with accurate and verified time source, which can prove critical, when someone performs frauds and penetrates your security perimeter.

NtpServer logging features

Failing to adequately synchronize a computer network may mean that it is near impossible to trace errors or malicious attack, especially if the times on the log files from different machine do not match.

Time Accuracy

GPS NTP TimeServers ensure that all networked computers are synchronized automatically to the exact time throughout your network so everybody in your company can have access to the exact time.

Ensure Global Harmony with GPS NTP TimeServers

A global timescale known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) has been developed to ensure that systems across the globe can run the exact same time. NtpServers utilize UTC, so not only will every device on you network be synchronised together but your network will be synchronised with every other network on the globe, that is hooked up to UTC.

Total control of NtpServer

With a NtpServer you have total control of the configuration and functionality. You can allow automatic changes each spring and autumn for daylight saving time or set your server time to be locked to UTC time only - or indeed, any time zone you choose.

Automatic time update

No user intervention is required to update time, NTP TimeServer will account for leap seconds and time zones ensuring trouble free synchronisation.