GPS NTPgps ntp server

rack ntpserver for network time synchronisation

GPS NtpServer rack mountable

  • gps ntpserver serves multiple stations
  • accurate time sync for ntp clock
  • gps receiver with atomic clock
  • zero costs for maintainance
  • sync network devices to UTC time.

GPS NTP Rack timeserver is a unique multiplatform time synchronisation device for ntp mirosoft windows or ntp linux os

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NtpServer benefits of time synchronisation

When synchronising network time it is important, that the time source is secure and accurate. This is where ntpserver from GPS NTP steps in and provides large networks with exact time.

NTP Clock

NTP Clock with accurate date and time

Internal computer real-time clock to maintain time is mostly very low cost and results in poor time-keeping performance. As a consequence of need for accurate ntp clock, time servers were introduced.

NTP Windows

One NtpServer, multiple Windows, Linux workstations

Microsoft Windows is leading OS. Needs to synchronise windows machines are very high. We provide step by step tutorials and helpful articles to easily synchronise multiple ntp windows (or linux) machines.

We are punctual and dedicated to our trustworthy customers

We are punctual and dedicated to our trustworthy customers

Company with strong customer base. Ability to solve your time synchronisation problems. Ability to provide helpful solutions. Ability to master your network in a couple of hours!

If you are interested, browse gps ntp products or read articles about NtpServer time synchronisation.

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