GPS Dual receiver

High Reliable External GPS Receiver.

  • Mounted are two GPS receivers with Ceramic Antennas
  • We strongly mounting chipset from two different manufacturers.
  • Power & Connection & interfacing are same as Single Receiver.
  • Delivered with additional fee +60,- USD
Dual GPS receiver
  • Dual Receiver is recommended for highest requests for time reliability such:
    - Airports control centers, where Error higher than 5ms is total critical.
    - Power plants
    - Banking apps.
  • Mounted are two GPS chipsets with ceramic antennas.
  • These two chipsets are from different manufacturers and with different technology also:
    - FASTRAX chipset
    - SirfStart IV
  • On board Supervisor processor:
    - compare DATA from receivers
    - compare PPS signal timing
    only on valid conditions, supervisor produce output NMEA sentences with Time FIX VALID flag.
  • What is valid conditions:
    - Timing of Rising Edge of PPS pulses from receivers must be equal +/- 2 msec
    - NMEA data must be equal to 1 second
    - NMEA data must be received by Supervisor min 100 msec before Rising edge of PPS
    Otherwise Supervisor produce NMEA sentence with NO FIX flag.
  • We note: All NTP servers build-in (RTC) Real Time Clock is powered by thermal compensated Crystal, with max Error +/-1sec per week. RTC is adjusted only when GPS Time is different more than +/- 1 msec.
  • All conditions: as cable, power ... are same as single receiver. Therefore replacement is simply available.