Economic and Cheap NtpServer

  • low cost time synchronisation tool (cheap as never)
  • internal GPS receiver implemented
  • products SNMP traps for easy synchronisation
  • built-in web server
economic ntpserver

Eco NtpServer

Economic solution for network time synchronization.

Each computer on Network can adjust own local time to GPS server. Device built in real time clock is synchronized through the GPS satellite system. GPS - Global positioning system is joined to Cesium Atomic Clock standard.

Time Server has built in GPS receiver. Active antenna is delivered with device also. GPS Time server built in 10-BaseT native Ethernet connectivity.

NTP time protocol is main base of server. Its independent platform such as WIN2000,XP,LINUX,UNIX BSD ... Implemented Web server in device, used for setup IP address, mask, Gateway and status of satellites. SNMP traps available for GPS signal loss, visible satellites counts.

NMEA Standard protocol on RS232 output.
1sec TTL output.

Eco Technical information


Supported protocols

Protocol Type Protocol Description
NTP ver 3 (Network Time protocol) for network time synchronization
ICMP, SNMP traps for satellite monitoring, MIB file description in provided manuals.
HTTP server IP address setup and GPS status