GPS Antena

In ECO version of Time Server GPS receiver is built in case. Coax RF connector is mounted on back panel.

Rockwell Chipset GPS receiver is mounted with ZODIAC protocol output and 1PPS 1sec pulse output.

GPS receiver has capability to receive signals from 12 satellites. For 300ns accuracy it is needed only 5 sats. This 12-channel architecture provides rapid Time to First Fix under all startup conditions. Enhanced built in algorithm provide superior performance in "urban canyon" and dense foliage environments.

Time stamps in the server are connected through the GPS system to UTC world time.

GPS Antenna of Eco GPS NTP Time Server

With NTP server GPS active antenna is delivered also.

  • coax cable length 5m
  • antenna is dedicated for outdoor operations

Antenna should be positioned to view the sky.

User can try placing antenna indoors, as near to the window as possible. For best accuracy, GPS receiver must receive signal from 5 satellites first time after the reset server.