GPS NTP Server - Rack Edition

GPS NTP's most powerful NtpServer

  • synchronise network devices local date and time to UTC
  • clock time send through NTP
  • connected to atomic cesium standard over GPS satellite system
  • rack 19" case is suitable to mount in server rooms
  • GPS receiver is placed outdoor in waterproof case

Rack NtpServer - basic information

Server is dedicated to synchronise network devices local time/date to Universal Time (UTC)

Devices synchronizing own local time through the NTP protocol. (Network Time Protocol)

Time Server is connected to atomic cesium standard over the GPS satellite system. The main electronics is placed in to the Rack 19" case, suitable to mount in server room.

GPS receiver and antenna are placed outdoor in waterproof case IP-65

Connection between GPS receiver and server is realized through the twisted pair cable.

  • Simple and easy to use device control with full ability to change all settings required to perform standard time operations

  • rack-intro
  • rack-intro
  • Readable display with green backlight always provides clear information about actual time clock

  • Full featured back panel with many additional connectors and plugs for extensive usage

  • rack-intro

Technical Specification for rack timeserver

External GPS Receiver

Real time clock

NtpServer casing

Front panel of rack NtpServer

Front Panel Picture - Rack GPS NTP Time Server

Configurating rack NtpServer

To change the current value of IP address, network mask, pressing the up/dn button choose appropriate value and by SET button it is possible to change current value.

Before value changes user will be asked to password. Set the password holding UP/DN button and confirm by SET.

Current password is delivered in documentation.

Only after the correct password user can change values.

Correct password is keeping in system in 5 minutes and next inputs in this time not required the password.

After the entering value LCD processor write data to internal EPROM and sends to Ethernet processor with message: Send to IP2K

MAC Address

MAC address consists of 6 bytes, but only 4 last bytes are possible to change. First 2bytes are: 000, 003

LCD Messages

Message Type Message Description
PPS Error

Message reported with beep failures on PPS signal from GPS receiver.

In this case check the cable to GPS receiver, check the fuse 500mA, mounted on back panel.

Note: without the PPS signal server is in the malfunction state.


Message indicates the mismatch or missing the DATA from receiver.

Check cable and fuse described as PPS error.

Send Setup Fail

on power on reset state, LCD processor sends the current setup to Ethernet IP2K processor.

If the Ethernet processor did not confirm the values, this error message will occur.

Back Panel


Connectors for NtpServer

Connector Name Connector Description

FUSE 500mA/T type is needed.

Protects GPS receiver power source in Time Server.

In cases when PPS pulse does not blink in 1sec interval check this FUSE as first step.

APP Connector

Application connector DSUB15 Female for additional purposes.

Contact your local vendor for description.

GPS connector

DSUB9 Female to connect the external GPS receiver.

See the picture for wiring with external receiver

Ethernet connector

10BaseT RJ45 connector for ethernet connectivity

Note: when connecting with a HUB or a SWITCH no crossed cable is needed

when connecting with a single PC directly, use Crossed cable


LED colour LED description
Red Indicates Ethernet link activity, must be lightening on good connection.
Green LED blinking in 1sec interval, means receiving datagrams from LCD processor.

Network setup

Network Setup Page - Rack NtpServer

User will be navigated to network setup page after succesfully entering correct password for Time Server Maintenance

  1. Current values will be filled to the textboxes.
  2. Enter the to GateWay textbox if the gateway is not used
  3. MAC address consists of last 4 bytes (last four numbers delimited with a dot), first bytes are: 000, 003 in this example MAC =
  4. After <submit> Time Server Reboots
  5. Rebooting TimeServer is needed to connect to Time Server with new values / connection parameters
  6. All values will be written to the DataFlash memory and to LCD processor EEPROM also