GPS Single receiver

Reciever is delivered with all our NTP Servers.

  • High sensitivity External GPS receiver.
  • Chipset Built-in GPS ceramic Antenna.
  • Wall mounting - IP65 plastic case.
  • Please click on the picture to see electronics.
Single GPS receiver
  • Delivered with 5m TP cable as a sample of connection to server.
  • Its for simpliest way to try functionality of NTP server.
    - unpack
    -connect to AC power
    -connect Receiver
    -connect to Ethernet
    that's all
  • In package is MALE DSUB9 connector also.( used is standard worldwide CANON DSUB9 connector).
  • Receiver is powered from NTP server.
  • DC power 9..12V / 100mA, onboard FUSE 500mA Type T= thermal.(included fuse in package)
  • Max cable length to server: 200m (Twisted pair cable).
  • For cable wiring see NTP server topology.
  • Operating temperature: -25 .. 65 'C.
  • On Board Active Ceramic Antenna.
  • GPS receiver chipset type: FASTRAX.
  • Output Signals:
    -NMEA DATA 9600b.
    -PPS pulse ( 1Pulse Per Second, Rising edge informs about second validity).
    PPS pulses are indicating with LED on PCB
    PPS pulses are generated by receiver only if time FIX is valid, approx. up to 4 minutes after GPS cold start.
  • Outputs are powered by standard RS485 drivers with 100 Ohm resistors as end cable terminals to prevent glitches from other devices.
  • All GPS receivers are tested indoor, near the our laboratory window, with minimal 6 sats in view.
  • We recommends before the installation, testing the GPS signal quality; we note that very high buildings decreasing GPS signal quality.